Can a origami live jacket help save lives?

Pot una armilla salvavides de paper ajudar a salvar vides?

I dedicate this model to the Proactiva Open Arms NGO
for the extraordinary work they do, saving people who flee
by sea from wars, persecution and poverty.

Dedico aquest model a l’ONG Proactiva Open Arms
per la tasca extraordinària que fan, salvant persones que fugen
per mar de les guerres, la persecució i la pobresa.

I encourage you to donate to Proactiva Open Arms,
to fold your lifejacket and spread the word through social networks.
With your help, the answer to the question above will be yes.

Us animo a fer un donatiu a Proactiva Open Arms,
plegar l’armilla salvavides i difondre el missatge per les xarxes.
Amb la vostra ajuda, la resposta a la pregunta anterior serà que sí.

How to fold the origami life jacket ENGLISH

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